3 concepts for a more sustainable lifestyle:
Sustainable route through Barcelona

"Let's make 2020 the year of sustainability", announces a sign at the entrance of the first supermarket without plastic packaging in Barcelona, and hopefully it will be. This new approach to consumption in the Sant Antoni district is one of the first hree stops on the sustainable route we have planned for our city.

This route through Barcelona helps us to establish links with projects that share values with us in terms of sustainability. Because a sustainable social model includes all kinds of approaches, from food and housing to leisure, and because leading a sustainable lifestyle is not limited to a single habit: it is about living everything respectfully and consciously.


Market Cuina Frescahas its three key words in its name. Right in the middle of Poblenou district, very close to Llacuna metro station, this small restaurant offers a very organic gastronomic alternative. This place is marked by its daily and rotating menu guided by seasonal products, working only with fresh, organic and local products from local markets and cooperatives.

Fresh and unique dishes and a warm and cozy atmosphere end up defining a unique gastronomic experience that works perfectly without altering naural cycles or rythms.



Two streets away from the classic Sant Antoni Market, on Carrer Viladomat, we can find a new market based on the ZERO WASTE philosophy: the first plastic-free market in Barcelona.

More than 600 food and drink products in bulk and personal care or cleaning items for sale but not even one single plastic packaging. Yes Future reproduces some of our traditional shopping habits, turning around the concept of supermarket based on unconscious consumption and looking straight into an increasingly sustainable future.



Very close to Parc de la Ciutadella we can find the little brother of Espai Joliu - the well known Poblenou café for both coffee and plants lovers. Orval has recently opened its doors, offering an equally exciting proposal under the motto "Where plants meet coffee".

With its two floors and wonderful natural light that floods the entire space, Orval combines minimalist aesthetics with the specialty of coffee in all its varieties. You can pair your coffee with a delicious spread of cakes and cookies (gluten-free and vegan options available), browse through their delightful collection of magazines and guides, or purchase the perfect plant or cacti to grace your home.