We at Brava like to include 4 main ingredients in everything we do:

- Care
- Respect
- Love
- Passion

We try to choose the best materials we can find, all the while keeping the wellbeing of the environment, the suppliers and the people behind our brand in mind.

We would like you to take as much care of your clothing as we take in all steps of the journey they undergo to reach your wardrobe. So, here are some insider tips on how to properly care for your garments, so you can enjoy them for longer: 

1. We are not that dirty
It’s worth noting that clothing made from natural materials requires special care, however, contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to wash them after every wear. It is often enough to just let the garment air out after wearing it (sweat levels depending - we’ll let you be the judge of that)
o This applies in particular to clothing made of wool - a self-cleaning material with antibacterial properties.
o Also, lighter weight items can be hung anywhere in the bathroom during a hot shower because the humidity refreshes the clothes and smooths out any wrinkles.

2. Choose the correct washing program
If a wash is necessary, it is best to do it by hand or with a washing program specifically for delicate laundry. This program features a gentler drum movement and lower spin speed - this protects the materials because they rub against each other less.

3. Note the washing temperature
Organic cotton, like the one we use, needs special attention since it is grown naturally and without the use of any pesticides or other chemical. By choosing the lowest recommended washing temperature, you can not only save energy, but also make sure that your garments last longer.
Plus, many detergents are effective even at low temperatures of 20°C!

4. Use appropriate detergents:
Many ingredients don’t biodegrade easily or are harmful for the environment. Opt for detergents that are biodegradable or even use natural soaps such as curd soap or soap nuts (soap nuts = a natural, organic, environmentally-friendly alternative to detergent.

5. Avoid fabric conditioner & special detergents
To protect the laundry and the environment, you should avoid fabric conditioner and special detergents.
In cases where your clothing isn’t that dirty, you can use alternatives such as vinegar, which is particularly suitable for eliminating odours and refreshing the colours of the textiles.

6. Hang it on a hanger
Use hangers to dry your garments and that way, you’ll avoid wrinkles