Designing our new chapter

While we're excited about the new spring/summer collection, designers in the fashion industry are already presenting next year’s collections.

Upside-down world? Not at all! In the textile industry you are always a year ahead of fashion and also our design team at Brava is already working on the Spring/Summer ‘22 collection.

But how does the design of a collection actually work and how are the different looks of our collections created?

We looked over the shoulders of our designers and accompanied them from the first brainstorming to the finished pieces of our Spring/Summer '21 collection.

Step 1: Brainstorming
At the beginning of each of our collections there is always an initial brainstorming session. Where should the focus for the new collection lie? What inspires us in everyday life and on our travels? What aesthetics do we want to pick up on with our patterns? In this step, we take a lot of time to determine the exact direction of the collection. 

Step 2: Graphic selection
Once the themes are decided, it's time to think about the graphic concept that will unite our collection. Brava is characterised by different cultural influences with a special focus on design. This step defines the whole process. This is where our graphics, patterns and final designs take shape. The colour palette is also defined here with special attention to timelessness. 

Step 3: Search for materials
Every single piece is designed with comfort and sustainability in mind. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for new sustainable fabrics, which we analyse at the major material fairs.  

Step 4: Cut, pattern & fit
Once the fabrics have been decided, it's time to think about the cut and fit of our garments. While our graphic designers finalise the patterns, our fashion designers focus on choosing the right fit.

Step 5: Creating the first patterns
When the final garment is almost in sight, it's time to make sure that the pieces are 100% as expected. The ateliers produce the first samples, which are evaluated and modified if necessary.

Step 6: Garment fitting & inspection
Once the final garments are available, everyone of our team tries on a piece and gives their personal feedback. This way, final changes can be made before our collection launches.