It's Fashion Revolution Week! 

This week is #fashionrevolutionweek - the week in which we commemorate the collapse of the Ranaplaza textile factory, in which over 2000 people were seriously injured and over 1000 people lost their lives.

This event showed that a revolution in the fashion industry is urgently needed. The global movement Fashion Revolution fights for more transparency and publishes every year the Fashion Transparency Index, that reviews and ranks the world’s largest fashion brands according to how much information they disclose in 5 key areas.

Read more about Fashion Revolution's actions on their web page and social media.

Just like fashion revolution be believe that transparency is the first step towards transformation. We want to be accountable for our actions in this industry and self-reflection is the most important thing to do so.

So, here we go: 

1. Policy & Commitments

The whole Brava Team stands for our sustainability values, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN. Their goals represent the sustainable development we would like to see in the world: 

2. Governance

At  Brava, sustainable decision making is a key element of our practices and plays a crucial role in our daily work. We feel responsible for our supply chain and the people who work in it. 

Our textile designers and environmental specialists ensure that people, animals and the environment are always protected

3. Traceability

“Transparency is key!” as Fashion Revolution says and an important step on our journey towards transparency is the traceability of our supply-chain. 

We craft all our apparel right here in Spain and Portugal and use exclusively sustainable materials for it. 

We are constantly working on mapping out the individual supply chains of our fabrics. 

Our blouses, for example, are made from 100% ecovero viscose, sourced from certified and protected woods in Austria. 

4. Supplier assessment and remediation

Actions say more than 100 words: To assess the implementation of our policies, we will publish our first sustainability report by the end of this year. We are already working on it, stay tuned!  

5. Spotlight issues

Sustainability is a journey and we know that many things still need to be improved. There are some issues that we are addressing in deeper detail this year and will implement solutions very soon. These include, for example, making the delivery of Brava goods greener. We are already working on compostable mailers and corn bags for the garments and will introduce them in autumn.

We know how important it is to keep people informed about the real damage the fast fashion industry is causing to people and environment. Although we have achieved already a lot, there are still many things to be done.

We want to use our digital reach to create more consciousness and educate our community about key issues as well as solutions related to our environment and the people.