Check our new sustainable Gift Guide.

The last Christmas of the decade is about to come. Winter is finally settling down and we don’t want you to miss the chance to make these days special for yourself and your loved ones.

For Brava, this year has been a year of big changes towards sustainability.We want to rethink the fashion industry through transparency and eco-awareness. For this purpose, our new collections are finally 100% organic and our most recent move involves the introduction of new brands in our concept store, with the intention of complementing our sustainable design-oriented vision with well-crafted and eco-friendly home, accessories and personal care items.

We believe Christmas is the perfect time to give, but also to think. That’s why we made made a selection of sustainable & high-quality products to celebrate the most beautiful time of the year in our Gift Guide.

Let’s rethink gifting.


For those with limitless, restless minds.
We offer you a selection of wild and exotic patterns pluspractical and well-crafted items to make your travel more comfortable.


If your loved one is still obsessed with chasing dots and eating ghosts, take them back to the maze this Christmas!
Our new Pac-Man x Brava capsule comes right on time for this time travel to your favourite decade.


For those who think less is more.


If you’re already dreaming of candle lights, warm blankets and time for yourself, here's what you're looking for.
Simple and loveable designs, fine fraganced candles, organic skincare items...
Enjoy Xmas at your own pace.


We all know someone who can’t live without coffee.
Here’s all for them: from simple, coffee-centered designs to sustainable bamboo coffee cups.


Those who won’t leave the city will certainly find the comfortin this selection.
Practical, super wearable designs, eco-friendly tumblers, comfortable vintage sneakers...


This is the time of gifts, surprises and Secret Santas. Exciting and exhausting, right?
Finding the perfect gift is easier than ever with this selection of likeable, practical and sustainable products.