Winter Looks
by @jaquidanslanuit & @monsieurmustage

Inspired by nature

The smell of wet earth, the twittering of birds and the sound of leaves underfoot.

Sometimes Jaqui looks up at the sky for a long time, watching the clouds and then feels a feeling of deep, inner peace. The same happens when she is in nature for a long time. Long walks in the forest, fresh air and silence. Sometimes that's all it takes to clear your head and relax.

To enjoy nature to the fullest, Jaqui and Tilo have chosen some of their favorite looks from our FW20 collection.

From warm woolen jackets and vests to robust corduroy pants and casual shirts in cuddly soft flannel - Jaqui & Tilo show us their Brava looks for all the calming and also adventurous moments outside.