A love letter to Japanese culture and its sensitivity.

These new garments are specially designed and tailored to bring the most sophisticated, fresh representation of an imagery we admire.

Our collection aspires to give form to the unrelenting search of balance and beauty of Japanese culture and finds inspiration in its simplest cultural elements: cranes, kites, parasols, flowers… Minimal and essential designs, combined with a soft colour palette that goes from light, peaceful blues to pacific, serene beiges with small touches of red and yellow.

New designs also meet a new range of fits. Mao necklines, boxy fits, breezy blouses and silky short-sleeved shirts are some of the new features of this collection, in which breathable and lightweight fabrics bring to life some of our most simple, versatile and sophisticated clothes yet.

Influenced by a culture marked by durability and permanence, we have carefully designed garments made to accompany you for a long time.

We wanted to look at nature, distil its essential purity and find pleasure in contemplating its beauty. The sunlight, the shadows it makes, the wind blowing through the leaves… this emphasis on detail has defined the creation process of our new Spring collection: a modern, creative take on full-bloom Japanese simplicity.