We present you: NOMAD x Brava

​Brava and NOMAD have had a lot in common since the beginning. Both brands are based in Barcelona, passionate for innovation and compromised to fair-trade.

This year, we add something up to that list in form of a very special collaboration. With focus on roasted coffee and playful design, our collaboration aims at the perfect match between local production and global consciousness.

In this capsule, you can find three unique items that honour the most historic coffee mug in the world: The Anthora.  Designed in 1963 for Greek coffee houses in New York City, the Anthora mug blends the ancient greek aeshtetic with the bold “WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU” message.  It started as a local trait of the greek community but has become an icon of the city and a cult item for coffee lovers.

Now, the Anthora will also be the main symbol on this NOMAD x Brava collection: a special gift from two brands willing to rethink the industry without losing attention to detail and sustainability.