Here at Brava, our vision is to bring respect, trust and transparency back into the fashion industry.

Every individual involved in the creation of our garments and our brand as a whole deserves to be treated respectfully, fairly and politely. This also extends to animals and our environment, so we commit ourselves to using only certified, sustainable and eco-friendly materials that are either natural or recycled.

The environment deserves to be considered a priority.

We want our customers and community to understand the conscious effort that went into creating their beloved Brava item, so that they feel inspired to reciprocate that effort by properly caring for their item and consequently lengthening its lifespan. Since our garments are made by hand using natural fibres, they require different maintenance from mass-produced artificial materials to keep them in tip-top shape.

Unlike in the fast fashion industry, our garments are not mass-produced by machines like they would be in mass-orientated factories.

Behind Brava are real people.

Real people who cut and sew and control the quality of each garment, package it and send it to your door or greet you in the store when you come in. We maintain a close personal and professional relationship with every single one of our employees and support our society through healthy and safe working conditions and fair payment.

We believe in working harmoniously together to create a brand that values transparency and reflects its values in all it produces.

Rethinking Fashion. Because we believe that fair fashion is possible.