Modern, conscious, fair: We believe in a sustainable future and take responsibility for our environment. For us, fashion is more than just seasonal it-pieces. We are not chasing the latest trends - our goal is to create timeless and durable pieces that are made to last.
We source sustainable, high-quality materials and pay special attention to acting in harmony with people, animals and the environment during the whole production line. This is our contribution to a better world.


We are committed to fairness and transparency along the entire supply chain. We work closely with our ateliers in Spain and Portugal, knowing our tailors personally and connecting with them on a regular basis.
Fair working conditions, reasonable working hours, a safe working environment, a legally binding employment relationship and living wages for the people who craft our apparel are essential prerequisites for us in times of fast fashion and overconsumption.


We are constantly breaking new grounds through creativity, driven by visual culture. The world is full of beauty and we enjoy exploring all those stories and creating unique garments out of them. The result is beautiful, highly detailed pieces with a little story to tell.
Music, culture, travel and art are our sources of inspiration. Closely linked to the things we love, each piece reflects a little detail of our greatest passions. We transform special moments and elements of our lives into unique designs. Combined with high-quality materials and sustainable fabrics, we create contemporary but timeless apparel. Made to last.