corduroy pants for women in three different colourscorduroy pants for women in three different colours

Sustainable Corduroy Pants for Women

On cooler days, we always reach for the good old jeans. Why not? It is universal, timeless and versatile to combine. But when it comes to comfort, we most likely agree, at least since the home office, that there are more comfortable alternatives. One of our favorite materials for our everyday pants is corduroy, because it simply feels so good! The fabric has an element of softness and comfort which makes it perfect for the colder months. We can't imagine our closet without corduroy, which is why we've designed a few timeless styles for everyday wear: in classic tones, a comfortable yet elegant cut and extremely soft 100% organic cotton finish, these corduroy pants are a must-have for all those days when jeans just don't offer the comfort we're looking for.

Eco-friendly materials

Honest production

Made in Portugal

Eco-friendly materials

Honest production

Made in Portugal

What is Corduroy?

Corduroy is a sturdy fabric, which is woven with vertical stripes formed by additional cross threads, and is typically made from cotton or a cotton blend. Those are made by inserting yarns into the fabric from the back side. The yarns stand up through the right side of the fabric and are then shorn, resulting in the hairy piles of cords on the surface. The piles are able to trap heat better, making them great for nippy weather. Besides that, it makes the fabric more durable. No wonder it's often been seen in winter workwear garments like heavy pants.

corduroy pants for women colour camel
corduroy pants for women colour Indigo

Organic Cotton Corduroy Pants for Women – the cozier alternative to denim.

Slip into something a little more comfortable. We're talking a pair of velvety soft corduroy pants! Corduroy brings back memories of childhood dungarees or grandpa's favorite pants. And yet, it keeps returning to our hearts. It is a versatile textile, which can be a long-lasting and faithful companion due to its robust yet soft surface. In our online store you will find timeless and sustainable women's corduroy pants made of organic cotton and crafted under ethical conditions in Portugal.

How to wear your eco-friendly Women’s Corduroy Pants?

Corduroy has proven its worth in autumn wardrobes. A good pair of cords is not only a cozier alternative to denim but also a much cooler-looking one. It has a special ability to cross the line between contemporary and timeless - it always feels special and is on trend all year round. In addition, cord is such an easy fabric to wear as it can lend itself well to softer relaxed silhouettes and also to more tailored pieces. On top of that, it evokes a retro feel which adds a charm to the fabric! If you are unsure how to combine your corduroy pants, try a relaxed fit, and style your women’s corduroy pants with a simple white T-shirt, a cool shearling jacket and ankle boots. A heeled boot gives the right amount of lift to flared corduroy pants.

How to wear chino pants?

Chino pants for men are super easy to wear. The relaxed fit is comfortable and flexible, so you can keep moving. From muted colors like olive or beige to summery, colorful hues, you'll find a wide selection of chino pants to reliably accompany you on your next outing or in your everyday office life.

When to wear chino pants for men?

Because of their versatility, you can wear chino pants both in your free time and in your everyday work. They are the right choice for a visit to the bar with friends, a walk in the park, a family dinner but also for the next meeting. Choose your versatile everyday companion from our selection of high-quality chino pants, fairly and sustainably produced in Europe.

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