Mountain Getaway

The strength of granite, the power of glaciers, the tranquility of nature:  Pack your backpack and  don't  forget the flashlight, map and compass!  With this collection we lost ourselves in  the wild  to  explore  deep valleys, grand  meadows  and  rough mountainsides.

Inspired by the adventures of the most famous climbers of the 60s  and ready to take you on a hike into the wilderness.
Join our  mountain getaway!

Glacier Point Forest Pullover

Yosemite Valley Blouse

Wide Leg Pants Raw

Cotton Flower Blouse

Ocean Fish Dress

Hooded Parka Kakhi

Corduroy Pants Raw

Glacier Point 3/4 T-Shirt

Glacier Point Pullover

Yosemite Blouse

Wide Leg Pants

Cottonflower Blouse

Ocean Fish Dress

Hooded Parka

Corduroy Pants Raw

Glacier Point T-Shirt

Made from eco-friendly materials

We love fashion and beautiful design, but nature is equally important to us. That is why we have combined design and sustainability to create quality clothing that is long-lasting, timeless and 100% sustainable.

For this collection, our compromise with sustainability has been a priority, resulting in a collection made only with natural fibers, renewable resources and recycled materials. Organic Cotton in multiple forms - Oxford, brushed Oxford for the softest touch or flannel twill -, Recycled Wool for the warmest outerwear or Mulesing-Free Merino Wool for the coziest knitwear... Our Mountain Getaway designs wouldn't have come to life without this array of eco-friendly and durable fabrics.