Sustainable Long Sleeve Blouses

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Unique Long-Sleeved Blouses by Brava Fabrics 

Always with comfort and sustainability in mind, we create high quality blouses made from sustainable fibers. From small everyday things to all the wonderful places we explore on our travels around the world -When designing our long-sleeved blouses, we draw inspiration from a wide variety of cultures. But besides design, we also care about the sustainability of each of our garments. That's why we craft all our blouses from sustainable materials such as Ecovero Viscose, organic cotton our linen. 

Organic Cotton Blouses for a breezy touch & feel 

Using organic cotton for our blouses has the advantage that it’s cultivation uses far less water than conventional cotton. In addition, organic cotton cultivation avoids the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This minimizes soil and water pollution as well as health risks for farmers. In addition, allergies and skin irritation are less likely to occur as organic cotton textiles contain hardly any additives.  

Sustainable blouses made from Ecovero Viscose 

Besides organic cotton, we often use Ecovero Viscose for our long-sleeved blouses, as it has an extremely soft surface and a high-quality touch and feel. In addition, Ecovero Viscose is an internationally recognized EU eco-label, that guarantees that all fibers come from certified renewable wood sources and are produced with a significantly lower consumption of fossil energy and water than generic viscose.   

Ethical Blouses for Work & Everyday 

All our blouses are crafted under fair working conditions in Portugal. We attach great importance to ensuring that all our employees receive a fair salary and always work under safe and appropriate conditions. We know many of our seamstresses by their first names and regularly visit our factories in Oporto, Portugal. In this way we guarantee ethically made blouses of high quality made in Europe.  

Whether you're looking for basic or creative designs, we have a great selection of sustainable blouses for you to choose from.  Check out our latest arrivals or discover our timeless bestsellers!