Sweater for Men


Organic Cotton Jumpers & Mulesing-free Merino Wool Sweaters

Softness, comfort & sustainability - These are the three conditions that are important to us in the production of our jumpers and sweaters. Already in the selection of materials, we attach great importance to ensuring that all three factors are guaranteed. Thus, we always choose organic cotton, recycled wool or mulesing-free wool for our knitwear. 

Organic Cotton Jumpers for Men 

The cultivation of organic cotton has the advantage that significantly less water is used than in the cultivation of conventional cotton. In addition, organic cotton cultivation avoids the use of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This minimizes soil and water pollution, as well as health risks for farmers, and ensures that all our jumpers are environmentally friendly. In addition, organic cotton textiles contain hardly any additives, so skin irritations and allergies are less likely.  

Recycled & mulesing-free Merino Wool Sweaters

Besides organic cotton, we also use merino wool for our sweaters and cardigans. Cuddly soft and warm, they accompany us through the winter and ensure that we do not freeze even in the coldest temperatures. Unfortunately, there is a cruel method, called mulesing, that is often applied in the wool industry and really painful for the sheep. For our wool sweaters and cardigans we only use recycled or mulesing-free wool, to ensure that we don’t support those practices.  

Ethical Sweaters made in Europe 

All our organic cotton sweaters and merino wool jumpers are designed in our creative studio in Barcelona. After every button, fiber and cut has been determined with care and attention to detail, our sewers begin to bring our designs to life. Each piece is crafted under fair working conditions in our factories in Oporto, Portugal. 

We attach great importance to ensuring that all our employees receive a fair salary and always work under safe and appropriate conditions. We know many of our seamstresses by their first names and regularly visit our production sites in Oporto. In this way you can be sure to receive ethical sweaters for Men.