Sustainable Swimwear


Sustainable Swimwear made from recycled Polyester

At Brava, we love creative design! Always driven by our creativity and inspired by all the beautiful things in life, we create original swimwear with great attention to detail. But besides a unique design, we also care about the environmental friendliness of each of our garments. That's why we craft all our men’s swimwear from 100% recycled polyester 

Like traditional polyester, recycled polyester is produced from synthetic fibers. However, instead of utilizing new materials to produce the fabric, recycled polyester makes use of existing plastic. In many cases, those are old water bottles, which are then processed and transformed into a new fiber – ready for your eco-friendly swimming shorts 

By limiting the use of virgin materials, recycled polyester lowers its environmental impact significantly versus traditional polyester. However, it has the same advantages as regular polyester: it is very resistant, lasts for a long time and dries quickly in the sun 


Ethical Swimwear for Men 

Creative prints, cheerful patterns and high-quality fabrics - Each of our Men’s swimming shorts is carefully designed in our creative studio in Barcelona. 

We attach great importance to ensuring that all our employees receive a fair salary and always work under safe and appropriate conditionsThat’s why all our swimwear is crafted under fair working conditions in Oporto, Portugal. We regularly visit our production sites to make sure that you receive ethical swimwear of high quality made in Europe.  


Printed Swimming Shorts for Sunny Beach Days 

Inspired by our travels around the world, by our best childhood memories but also by the little things we encounter in everyday life: Our designers take a lot of time choosing colors and materials, as well as drawing each design to create unique swimming shorts that will put a smile on your face. In timeless shades and made of soft eco-friendly materials, they are just the right companions for warm summer days. 

Whether you're looking for basic or creative designs, we have a great selection of sustainable swimming shorts for men to choose from. Check out our latest arrivals or discover our timeless bestsellers!